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Exercise and Stretching Consultation

Remember to consult a physician before engaging into any type of physical activity.

Consultation by a licensed Physiotherapist on the proper execution of: 

Warm-Up / Cool-down Exercises
Like a Monte Carlo racing car or an Ascot thoroughbred, your body is capable of high performance and like a sleek automobile or thoroughbred, it requires the proper conditioning. 

1. Both before and after an event.
2. In order to perform at its best. 

This conditioning is necessary to keep, and use, muscle at its safest maximum efficiency. 

Back Exercises
When doing these exercises you must have: Body Awareness, Slow Controlled Movement and No Pain

Isometric Neck Exercises
The neck is a very delicately balanced anatomical structure, which is built up of bones (vertebrae) stacked one on top of the other and supported by discs between each bone. All these structures are held together by ligaments, muscles and connective tissues and they are all prone to wear and tear, injury and disease.

Streching Tense and Tired Neck and Shoulder Muscles

Ankle Exercises
The ankle joint is probably one of the most commonly strained joints of the body. There is very little muscular support around the ankle joint so it is important to strengthen what muscle there is in that area in order to support any strained or sprained ligaments. 

Knee Exercises
Any Exercise program should be preceded by a warm-up. In this case the muscle groups involved (around the knee) are the quadriceps in front and the hamstrings at the back. 

Shoulder Exercises
The shoulder joint is a ball and socket joint that is surrounded by a great deal of muscle tissue. It is for this reason that the joint is very prone to tightness and loss of mobility. With most shoulder joint problems it is very important to maintain the mobility of the joint and the elasticity of the surrounding soft tissues. Stretching Tense and Tired Neck and Shoulder Muscles There are exercises to do whenever you feel tight in-between your shoulder blades and in your neck. All you need is five minutes. For those whose jobs involve a lot of sitting, get up and stretch. 

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