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Warm-Up / Cool-down Exercises

Like a Monte Carlo racing car or an Ascot thoroughbred, your body is capable of high performance and like a sleek automobile or thoroughbred, it requires the proper conditioning. 

1. Both before and after an event.
2. In order to perform at its best.

This conditioning is necessary to keep, and use, muscle at its safest maximum efficiency. 

Even if you're just going out jogging, your body needs this conditioning for:

Relaxation and flexibility
These are essential for high performance and safe exercising. If muscle tension is high there is less flexibility and therefore a danger of damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons by overstretching and tearing.
Adequate muscle strength will help prevent ligament strain and tearing. Good general strength also contributes to the prevention of joint damage by adding joint stability.
Muscle tissue requires a good blood supply during exercise to provide the oxygen that is vital energy production. If a heavy demand is put on the circulatory system too quickly it can strain the heart muscle. Warm-up exercises prepare your body for increased circulatory requirements and conversely, a decrease in circulation is required after exercising. This should happen gradually with a cool-down routine.
Suggested Warm-Up! Cool-Down Routine
For all exercises except number 9, lie on a firm surface on your back with knees bent. Repeat all exercises a minimum of 5 times each.

1 Diaphragmatic breathing:
Inhale and exhale slowly, through nose, from diaphragm.


2 Head roll:
Roll head slowly up and down, then from side to side.


3 Shoulder limbering:
Do elbow circles, side stretches, windmills and stretching hands behind your back.


For a complete set of warm up exercises please consult your Physiotherapist.


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