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Streching Tense and Tired Neck and Shoulder Muscles

1 Start your stretches with three deep breaths:
In through your nose and drawing the air slowly.
(inhale 2:4 exhale)
Make sure you raise your diaphragm, then your ribs and lastly your chest.

2 Neck rolls:
Roll your neck slowly from side to side and gradually make your side movements into circles. Take your time to loosen up.

Strech Exercises

3 Elbow circles:
Hands on your shoulders and make as large a circle as you can with your
elbows bent, rolling your shoulders backwards.

Strech Exercises
4 Side stretches:
Put your left hand over your head and your right hand on your left elbow. Now stretch slowly to the right, feel the left side stretch. Hold the stretch then slowly stretch a little more. Hold the stretch to the count of ten. Now do the other side.
Repeat both sides __________ times.

Strech Exercises

For a complete set of warm up exercises please consult your Physiotherapist.


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